Thursday, November 24, 2011


True North Is a love story set to a somewhat fantastical steampunk/dieselpunk world. It is a story about a submarine captain who is the owner of a magical compass. The compass will lead him to the true treasure of his hearts’ desire and he is about to go on a journey to find it. However, the compass seems to be broken. As the captain finishes building and loading up his boat for the journey he gives the compass to a girl who owns a mechanics repair shop in hope that she might be able to repair it. The captain will show up at the shop every day up until his departure, but gives the compass to the girl before he leaves. That evening the girl is sitting by her kitchen window, looking at the compass. She thinks about the captain out at sea and thinks back to when she was a child and her father was lost in a storm. A tear falls from her eye and hits the compass which gives off a bright glow. The needle starts spinning wildly before it stops pointing straight out the window to the sea. The girl grabs the compass and runs to the beach, finds a boat and starts rowing. She rows through the night until the compass suddenly starts glowing and spinning again. After a short while the sea starts boiling and bubbling around her little boat. Something looking like a giant monster emerges from the sea, but it soon turns out it’s not a monster after all. It’s the submarine. The captain comes out and helps her up on the boat. As they kiss, the sun rises behind them and they are engulfed by golden light as of a brilliant treasure.

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